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SCAP Sync crawls multiple SCAP content websites, looking for changes to individual pieces of SCAP content, and storing a version history for all SCAP Content. In addition to publishing this up-to-date content on the SCAP Sync website, Lunarline also offers a REST API that makes it a breeze to get the latest SCAP content into your own automated solutions and programs. We do all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your application.

SCAP Sync Shakes Hands With jOVAL To Automate Assessments

Automation has always been a crucial mission of computing. In fact, that’s all computers do. They automate our tasks and turn what used to be lengthy and boring activities into a few clicks, on in our case today, a few … Continue reading

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Security & New SCAP Content

Over the past few months, we have been methodically adding bits and pieces to SCAP Sync. A blog post detailing all of our changes is long overdue, so I would like to catch you up on what we have been … Continue reading

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CVE Applicability

We rolled out some major upgrades to SCAP Sync this week! We will be highlighting its new capabilities in a series of upcoming blog posts. Our goal is to show you how you can use SCAP Sync in your day-to-day security … Continue reading

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SCAP Content Feed

Over the weekend, Lunarline rolled out several new features to SCAP Sync. In this post, I am going to point out three of my favorite new features: it is easier to use, it has a feed for monitoring updated SCAP … Continue reading

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Announcing SCAP Sync

We are proud to announce that SCAP Sync ( is now live! SCAP Sync is a search engine and content repository for SCAP. Lunarline is offering this as a free service, starting today. SCAP Sync crawls SCAP content from multiple original sources … Continue reading

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